About What’s in a Dress

WHAT'S IN A DRESS is a sustainable Spanish fashion brand created by Silvia Montesdeoca in 2013. We offer feminine, original and flattering designs for women interested in ethical clothing. All garments are designed and made by hand by Silvia in Spain, using organic fabrics. In each WHAT'S IN A DRESS garment you will find much love, enthusiasm and dedication to make you feel great outside and inside.





About our fabrics

Our fabrics are mainly made of cotton fibres. The cultivation and processing of conventional cotton often present problems such as use of chemicals harmful for the workers and consumers health and the environment (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, bleaches, dyes, etc.). Unfortunately, the conventional cultivation of cotton sometimes also implies labour rights violation and even child exploitation. For this reason, all the fabrics we use for making our garments are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard or Fair Trade, which guarantees that the fabrics have been produced fulfilling criteria of environmental and social sustainability, as well as health and safety.



About our garments

We want to make very personal items. Because of this, we offer custom-size garments. The tailoring process is completely handmade, and a new pattern is made for each customer. All this makes each garment a unique creation.


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